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  Welcome to Her Closet 

Welcome to Her Closet Boutique!

Our new location is fantastic, huge - easier to shop!

Please click here and enjoy some photos of the "new" Closet!

Her Closet Boutique opened in 1994.  We began as a "consignment only" establishment, and occupied about half the space we have today.

In 2003, we were bursting at the seams.  Our reputation for quality, up-to-date fashions, and fast turn around made it necessary to grow our space. 

We decided that since everyone in the community viewed us as a fashion spot, why not include some new treasures.  We added Jewelry, handbags, and even some new clothing - easily doubling our inventory.

The boutique world is my dear friend.  The fashion industry is what we live and breathe.  Retail, the beauty industry, (we have owned beauty salons and boutiques for 10+ years before Her Closet) is our passion.  We know you'll see our touch everywhere you look.

That's our history - and our future is bright.  There are so many lovely items in our shop, new and - we have trouble calling it "old" - previously loved is a better description!

New items arrive daily, jewelry and handbags, at least once a month.  However, you never know what will appear - so stop in often, as things tend to disappear quickly! 

We offer the finest designer fashion, from Claiborne and Lauren to Banana Republic and the Gap.  We're not "retro", we're not "thrift store", we are affordable style!

We also carry SilveRado Beads.  We'll help you with your selection, and gentlemen, these make wonderful gifts for all the ladies on your special list. Perfect for any occasion, at any age!

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The perfect gift for every occasion - Her Closet Boutique Gift Card! 

Welcome... come inside!  We have so many unique treasures waiting to go from "Her Closet to YOURS!"

Her Closet 
Her Closet Boutique Hours:

Monday -11 am - 5 pm

Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday - 10 am - 5 pm